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Episode 2. Jessica Wolfendale on Torture Lite

It’s been three years since George Bush announced that the United States does not engage in torture. Since then, a continuous stream of information has indicated that, although Jack Bauer–style brutality is officially prohibited, the U.S. officially sanctions and regularly employs interrogation tactics that push legal and moral boundaries. In today’s episode, Jessica Wolfendale sits down with Christian Barry to determine where those boundaries lie.

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Schedule Change

Due to some technical problems, we’re making a small change to the schedule of upcoming episodes. We’re swapping Leif Wenar and Jessica Wolfendale. This means that the Wolfendale episode on torture lite is coming out tomorrow, 9/15, and Wenar’s on 10/6. Sorry to all you Leif Wenar fans out there, but I promise you won’t be disappointed once you’ve heard the good Dr. Wolfendale.

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Upcoming Episodes

To whet your appetite, here’s the release schedule for our next few episodes.

  • 9/15: Leif Wenar (Kings College London) on the Resource Curse
  • 10/6: Jessica Wolfendale (University of Melbourne) on Torture Lite
  • 10/27: Larry Temkin (Rutgers) on Extending Human Lifespans

We’ve got lots more in the works, and we’ll let you know about those as they materialize. In the gaps between shows, I’ll be posting here with discussions of our past episodes, previews of future ones, and lots more.

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