Episode 24. Arash Abizadeh on Immigration

The irony of immigration policy is that most of its targets—all the people outside a given state’s borders—have no say in it. Yet border regimes play a critical role in determining individuals’ life chances. Real democracy, says Arash Abizadeh, means giving a say to those subject to coercively enforced rules of such importance. In other words, Abizadeh argues, democracy means immigration policy can’t simply be set unilaterally.

Arash Abizadeh is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and an associate member of the Department of Philosophy at McGill University. For more on his views on democracy and borders, see the collection of links to papers on his website.

Click here to download the episode (40:47, 24.5 mb, MP3), or click on the embedded media player below. You can also download the transcript.

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